It takes up to 100 000 registered donors to find 1 perfect match.

It's a big number, and its a big challenge. So to raise support and awareness, we wanted to see what it would take for an ordinary, everyday person to get 100 000 strangers to even just like a Facebook status.


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Fact vs Fiction

there are a lot of rumours flying around, but registering and donating blood stem cells is easier  than you may think.

how it works

see whats in store for you as a potential donor from filling in the forms to saving a life


Donate via App

Scan either of the QR codes with Snapscan or Zapper App on your phone to donate R50 towards funding a patient in need's stem cell transplantation.

or use the following links for mobile access:
Social Media - https://pos.snapscan.io/qr/eif_pPz1
Website - https://pos.snapscan.io/qr/oE7IIlTv

or use the following link for mobile access:
Please be aware that if you wish to register as a donor you should ensure that you register only with the South African Bone Marrow Registry (SABMR) and no other person or organisation. If you do not register directly with the SABMR you will not be placed onto the SABMR registry as a donor, which is the only fully accredited World Marrow Donor Association registry in South Africa. To register with the SABMR you can register directly online by going to www.sabmr.co.za and clicking on the donate button or contacting us on Facebook, Instagram or calling us on  021 447 8638, Monday to Friday, during office hours.

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